My name is Brittany Hartman (formerly Stancil),
photographer here at B Photography.
I'm 35 years old, work as a full time medical assistant.
I live in Daytona Beach Fl, but I grew up in Bunnell, Fl.
All dirt roads and trees where I'm from lol.

I'm into doing my own nails at home,
living in my PJ's, binging something on Netflix,
and hanging out with my husband and my family
who mean the absolute world to me!
I love Kpop. (Stray Kids and Monsta X are life)
I make lame attempts at trying to be funny,
I'm not afraid to be silly and laugh at myself.
OH! And I love me a good meme!
My Style
I am a natural light, outdoor, lifestyle photographer.
I believe in a less is more approach to photography.
I want to show you how much
You shine all on your own.
My goal is to capture real smiles, real love, real life, and the real you! Candid photos are my favorite!!
I focus on quality customer service,
And delivering photos you can cherish for a lifetime!
I love the learning process of photography,
I learn new things at every single session.

There is never NOT something more you can learn.
But most of all I love the happiness photography brings to people.
From wedding photos, to family photos, modeling,
and everything in between!
Delivering the photos, and seeing the happiness they bring
mean more to me than my clients (friends) will ever know!
And I think that is one thing that sets me apart.
I truly just LOVE creating memories for people
to cherish for a lifetime.

And I can't wait to help provide these memories for you <3

Yes this is a photo from my wedding. No I am NOT actually musically inclined in any way. My husband DOES play the guitar. Yes this was just for the sake of funny photos which pretty much says everything you need to know about me lol.

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